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Facilities IT

Montana State University
PO Box 172760
Bozeman, MT 59717-2760

Tel: 406 994-2001
Fax: 406 994-6572
Location: Rm 108 Plew Building

Budget / IT Manager:

Patti Yasbek
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Facilities IT: Login Simplification Project

MSU has been working on the Login Simplification project so that students, staff, and faculty have fewer usernames and passwords to deal with on campus. The scheduled transition period for changing our network logins to NetID is the week of March 17th, 2014.

Your NetID will become your login!

Systems affected:

  • Logging into Facilities Windows computers will require knowing your NetID.
  • Accessing the wireless MSU-SECURE) WiFi with your iDevices will require your NetID.
  • Accessing your email remotely will require your NetID.
  • Accessing the MSU network remotely via VPN will require your NetID.
Systems not affected:
  • Logins to the i5 (AS400/Green Screen) WILL NOT change.
  • Banner and MyInfo WILL NOT change.
  • Email addresses WILL NOT change.

For more information access the MSU ITC webpage for Login Simplification:

Helps and Hints from Facilities IT

  • NetID Lookup Tool
  • Find your NetID before March 17th. Either use the link on the MSU Login Simplification Website or contact anyone in Facilities IT and we will be glad to look it up for you.
  • On the day that the change to NetID happens, reboot your computer to clear out your old user login from memory.
  • Your Outlook email will ask you for your new NetID and password. Enter them in and check the “Remember Me” box. If it is having trouble accepting your new login you may need to reboot your computer to clear out your old user login from memory.
  • Your NetID will become your login, but your email address WILL NOT change! Your login may be similar to z66y622, but your email will remain similar to ‘’.

NetID Transition Instructions: (Also on the MSU ITC Website)