MSU Interactive Tree Inventory

The MSU Tree Inventory was collected through a collaborative effort of students and staff. Beginning with GPS work from Diana Cooksey's GPHY 357 class in 2009 and students in following years, the Tree Inventory of campus has grown to include every tree on campus. These trees are now visited regularly as part of a cyclic plan, minimum of once every seven years, by the MSU Arborist team.

These visits include ensuring the locations of the tree are accurate and updating attributes to correctly reflect their current health and growth patterns. The attributes included in this map are listed below, where available:

  • Common Name (Filterable)
  • Genus (Filterable)
  • Species
  • Cultivar
  • Alumni, Memorial, Arbor Day, and Education trees (Searchable by ID Number)
  • Image attachments
  • Planted date
  • Tree ID Number

This map will be updated on a yearly basis following the end of the Arborist's season. For any further question regarding trees on the MSU campus or this application please contact:

MSU Facilities Services - Arborist
Lonnie Sickler
(406) 994-3442