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Facilities Services

Montana State University
PO Box 172760
Bozeman, MT 59717-2760

Tel: 406 994-2001
Fax: 406 994-6572
Location: Rm 203 Physical Plant


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Long Term Contractor Key Requests

Facilities Services Reception Area
Plew Building, 6th Avenue and Grant Street
Hours: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm, Monday - Friday
(closed on University staff holidays)
Fax: 406-994-6572

Facilities Services assumed responsibility for issuing contractor keys on June 1st, 2009. Please note changes in key request and return procedures. Contractor Key Request forms must be received, in advance, before a key may be issued.

Work Control will continue to issue keys to contractors for daily use. Contractors are encouraged to make use of this process, but may use the long term key issue process described here if needed.

Contractor Key Issues

The Facilities Representative (a University staff member, e.g. Project Manager) must complete the ContractorKey Requisition form and obtain all required signatures. The form should be mailed or delivered to Facilities Services Administration. (Please allow at least one working day for processing). The Facilities Representative will be contacted when the key is available for pick up. The Facilities Representative will need to pick up the key, in person, and deliver it to the contractor. The contractor is directly responsible for the key and must return it to the Facilities Representative when no longer needed.

  • The form may be faxed or emailed to Facilities Services in order to expedite processing. The original, signed, copy must be received by Facilities Services before a key may be issued.
    • Email Instructions:
      Please include only last four digits of keyholder's GID on the emailed form.
  • Faxed or emailed forms are NOT allowed for requests for building master or restricted keys.
  • Key Requests received by 10:00 am will normally be available for pick up by noon of the next working day. If ADA accessibility is needed, please call 406-994-4131 for arrangements. Facilities Services will contact the Facilities Representative when the key is ready, as various factors may cause processing to take more or less time than usual. The key(s) must be picked up, in person, during the hours posted above. The Facilities Representative should bring valid photo identification, and be prepared to sign for all University keys issued to them. The Facilities Representative should arrange to pick up the key within thirty days after being informed that it is available for pickup.

Contractor Key Returns

Contractors must return all University keys to the Facilities Representative when they are no longer needed. The Facilities Representative must return the keys to the Facilities Administration area during normal key issue hours, stated above. If ADA accessibility is needed, please call 406-994-4131 for arrangements.