Daily Data

This graph compares the buildings demand from the Solar Wall over the last 24 hours to supplement the buildings heating. The heat pulled from the wall is measured in British Thermal Units (BTU’s).

Solar Wall Usage

The solar wall on the southern facade of the NAH collects heated air throughout the day, storing it in preparation to deliver that air into the building, as needed, through the HVAC system. This natural warming process diminishes the need to mechanically heat the air.

Learn more about Solar Walls below in the System Component Highlight.

System Component Highlight

What is a Solar Wall?

Perforated cladding on the outside of the building is heated by solar radiation from the sun. Solar walls are very dark or black in color to reduce the amount of radiation that is reflected from this wall. A cavity behind the wall pulls air from outside which gets heated. When the building needs heat, the warm air is supplied to and distributed in the building via the HVAC system intakes.