Daily Data

This graph shows how much the 60+ heat pumps were activated over the last 24 hours, providing heating (red) or cooling (blue) to the system, as well as when the heat pumps were inactive (green). When the heat pumps are inactive, this means the system is balanced and does not require any input from the ground loop or other heating or cooling systems.


NAH is equipped with a geothermal system that allows it to balance out the heating and cooling of the building through a series of ground loops and heat pumps.

Heat pumps placed throughout the building are constantly balancing the temperature of the building by drawing from the ground loop when necessary.

Learn more about Ground Loops below in the System Component Highlight.

System Component Highlight

What is a heat pump?

A ground loop is a series of pipes buried underground at a depth where temperatures stay consistent year round. It serves as the critical link allowing geothermal heat pumps to use the Earth as a heat source or heat sink, depending on if heating or cooling is required.